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  • No money refunds
  • Grammar mistakes
  • High prices
  • Executed by deadline

Delayed papers and low quality are just few of the concerning issues students reported with, and are just the beginning of the list why we placed this company so low on our list.

Reputation & Popularity – 3/10 delivers papers for real, but the quality and support provided by the agents and writing specialists seems to be a bad fit for almost everyone who tried the service. The reputation they hold is at the very bottom on the writing market, alongside companies who miss deadlines and employ writers with lack of experience.

When we checked the reputation Boom Essays holds online, we were devastated to learn that almost every comment found on the Web is negative, especially since the reviews on the official website are all splendid. We believe these reviews are faked to mislead customers into believing this is a trustworthy service.

Price & Quality – 1.1/10

When we are faced with a service that holds low reputation like this one, we expect very low prices that would at least give birth to a doubt in the eyes of the visitor. However, is not one of those incredibly cheap companies that you know are unreliable as soon as you check the pricelist. In fact, the rates are average and apparently exaggerated for the low quality provided.

We did ordered a paper to confirm what the reviews said, even though in this case it wasn’t at all necessary since all feedback was negative. Our experience only confirmed the negative reputation, because the writer assigned to our essay was obviously very far from fluent in the language, not to mention he lacked some serious skills to write our paper in the first place.

Support & Delivery – 1.7/10

The support service is worse than all other features here. The delivery reputation equals that of quality, in the sense that seems to have missed more deadlines than they have met. When we got in touch with the agents through the live chat on the site with our query for an immediate refund, the responses on their behalf simply stopped. No one cared or was interested in providing us with a refund or any solution, which only confirmed our assumptions that this is a scam service.

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