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  • Not your own essay is not your regular writing service. In fact, it is not even a writing service because they don’t write papers for you.

Reputation & Popularity – 2.9/10

Since it is not a legit writing service with a legitimate site or pricelist, we can’t really say they enjoy any reputation. But, the comments you will find if you look online are all very negative, because the papers you get when you access this site are not ones you can use for class. Apparently, all you get is copied content from Wikipedia.
So, the site gives papers, but not original or unique ones on your topic. Instead, it searches Wikipedia and online sites for the topic you demand, and gives you that content, word for word.

Price & Quality – 3.3/10

There are no services to mention, no prices you can find or pay to get content on It is exactly what it says – a place where an essay is typed, but it is not your essay. Whatever you press on the keyboard, words will appear, and they will all be plagiarized. When we checked the content in our plagiarism checker, it was 100% plagiarized.

If by any chance a student believes this paper is unique, they will get into a lot of trouble with their professors. The site is literally a joke, so do not believe you will get a free paper you can deliver. The instant typing and access seems very inviting and fast compared to actual writing services, but you’d get the same results if you only type the title in the search box of your search engine.

Support & Delivery – 3.1/10

Essay Typer is not a writing service or a company, but a strange website with no support whatsoever. There are no writers behind the essays you’ll get here, and no agents to help you since there is no place to make an actual order. We did try to contact the guy who created the site, but he never contacted back.

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