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  • Poor customer service
  • Discounts are not available
  • Fake reviews

Our strict evaluation criteria led us to the decision to rate with a grade that’s little above the lowest, which results from our terrible experience with the writers and support team.

Reputation & Popularity – 1.7/10

The site asserts that there is 98% loyalty rate on behalf of customers and still, there wasn’t a single review online from a customer who says he/she uses the company on regular basis. In fact, the reviews outside this website do not come near to those on the website, hence is the company’s low reputation in this market.

Some companies are popular for one thing while they lack another, others have many pros that beat the minor disadvantages, and there are services whose disadvantages are so numerous, there isn’t a strong reason to trust them. Based on the variety of complaints we encountered, is in the third category.

Price & Quality – 1.6/10

The samples do not resemble the actual quality you can get here, and we are a witness to it. We ordered a research paper from this company and paid a considerably affordable price for it. In fact, this price would be very adequate for good content, if only Trust My Paper provided it.

In our case, the paper confirmed three of the issues customers have complained about: delivery, quality, and originality. Not only did the specialists here write and deliver the paper a day late, but they didn’t cite any source, so we ended up having a paper that was more than 50% plagiarized. The quality was of course, terrible because of this, and because the mistakes in it were a clear sign that the writer was not fluent or native in the language he wrote in.

Support & Delivery – 1.5/10

We said that this company has too many flaws, and we meant it. Delivery issues were the reason for us to ask for a refund, not to mention the plagiarism. We were fully entitled to a full refund, revision, an apology, but got none. In fact, the agent was so rude, he suggested that we should ASK to get the sources cited and that the delay in delivery was a result of our ‘late order’.

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