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  • No refunds
  • Executed by deadline
  • Not original writing seems a reputable business, but there is definitely more than meets the eye with this company.

Reputation & Popularity – 3.3/10

On their main website, they have excellent customer reviews. We went one step further and checked testimonials that had nothing to do with their website. We discovered that the greatest majority of the students rated this company as very poor. is not a popular choice among students because of the high prices, the poor quality of the services offered and the non-existent customer service. We only gave a rating of 3.3 for the layout/design of the website which looks good.

Price & Quality – 4.3/10

Prices start at $9.97 per page for Undergraduate level with a 14 days deadline. Almost all students will need their papers with a deadline of 3 days, 5 days or at the most one week. We consider nobody uses their $9.97 per page services but instead will need papers that cost $50 or $60 per page. We also saw they charge $197/page for Admission help writing, which we consider outrageous. Which student can afford such a cost?

The quality of the paper we ordered was well below our expectations: editing was done poorly, citations were not included, and we also find plagiarized text within the paper.

Support & Delivery – 3.9/10

This is the worst customer service we ever encountered. When they finally picked up the phone, they did not give us clear instructions on how we can place our order. They also were not helpful in explaining the prices or giving us details regarding the academic background of the writers. When you pay for something, you have the right to get access to all the relevant information…which was not the case with They delivered our paper in time, but the quality was extremely poor.

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