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  • High prices
  • No refunds
  • Not original writing

When they say ‘spend 30% less’, this doesn’t equal a discount – and that’s just one of the things that are misleading about

Reputation & Popularity – 3.6/10

As soon as we finished checking cheapwritingservice’s website and received the term paper we ordered at a low rate, we discovered that the reputation of this company is much lower than it seems when you first look at it. Many students seem to share the same opinion – the popularity is very low on the internet, especially when you compare it to what seems to be great comments on their actual site.

This made us doubt everything that the website says, especially after we learned that the 30% lower is not really a discount, but some calculation of theirs that says that the rates there are 30% cheaper than other services.

Price & Quality – 4.2/10

The truth is, this company is really cheaper than many, but this would still not result in 30% estimate if you compare it with others, because so far, we have found dozens of services with such low rates, and some with even lower than it. Still, $10 is too little for a page of original content, which is where our concerns and doubts increased even more.

We were right to be sceptic about the pricing – the quality of the term paper by was terrible. The prices are a dream come true for all students who try to find a company to save some money on, but their actual papers are nothing like the site says.

Support & Delivery – 4.0/10

The reason why the term paper was so terrible was the language used in it. It was obviously not a paper whose author was fluent in the language, which made us feel really frustrated. Therefore, we contacted an agent to complain about it and guess what? The agent was so bad in English; he couldn’t even understand us!

Delivery wasn’t any problem with, but with that paper quality and the team that isn’t native English, there isn’t much good we can say about this company, except that it is really a cheap writing service.

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