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  • Grammar mistakes
  • No refunds
  • Executed by deadline

Initially, the site left us with the impression that this may be a good service after all, but the assessment we made instantly took this theory off the table.

Reputation & Popularity – 1.3/10

There is only a dozen testimonials on the site, and it is very obvious they are hand-picked or fake since there is no picture or date to any of them. Even the best services on the Web have at least one review that is less than perfect, but this one seems to have exaggerated with their presentation on the site.

We confirmed these doubts immediately after leaving the site – all other review on the Web are either less great than those on it, or completely the opposite of them. In fact, you are looking at one of the companies with lowest quality reputation on the writing market, as well as one with numerous issues that need to be solved.

Price & Quality – 3/10

The fees for content seem low-cost at first, but if you take a closer look, they rapidly escalate. The factors for this change are the quality and deadline, which is understandable, but the difference is very big. For example, a page of an essay for undergraduate level is $10 within 14 days, but this same order would be $23 for Professional level and 10 days.

Loyalty discounts are out of the question. As it seems, only gives 5% and 10% for bulk orders.
Our checkup of the quality resulted to be very negative, because the essay was not only high-priced, but also of very low quality. It was delivered right on time, but the number of mistakes exceeded 20, and we only ordered 2 pages.

Support & Delivery – 2.3/10

A support agent should be able to help in such cases, but no one answered when we tried to reach them on the phone number published on the site. We got a response on the live chat, but this was not at all productive. The agent’s English was so poor, we struggled with understanding his writing, and he did not provide us with any viable solution to our quality issue.

Except for on-time delivery, has nothing else to brag about.

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