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  • Low-quality essays
  • Bad English
  • No professional support

A first time discount of 5% is the smallest discount option offered on the writing market, and is one of the companies that offer it. Does this mean that their prices are high, or too low to give a bigger discount?

Reputation & Popularity – 3.1/10

The page with all-positive testimonials is one of the very few pages you will find on Unfortunately, the testimonials outside the website are nothing like these, and the company does not seem to be a reputable one at all.

With such low prices, you would think that this service has quite the popularity among students, but this is not the case. Feedback online dates only a few years back, which means that this company probably hasn’t been on the market for long. Of course, due to the serious lack of information on the website, we cannot know this for sure.

Price & Quality – 2.9/10

The reason why the offered discount is so low is undoubtedly the original pricing of With a starting rate of $7.50 per page, we are surprised there are any discounts offered at all since this is definitely the cheapest rate we have found on the market by now.

Unfortunately, this price is too good for you to expect high-quality content. Feedback online suggests that the content provided here is terrible, and it is no wonder – no company could afford to hire great writers for only $7.50 per page.

Support and Delivery – 2.4/10

On-time delivery does not seem to be an issue here since we found only a few testimonials complaining of delayed papers. However, the customer support service is equally bad as the quality of content provided. Most of the time, you cannot reach any agent and have to talk to a bot, and when you finally get in touch with an actual person, the service is not good at all.

According to customers, the customer support agents here are incredibly rude, and they often speak bad English.

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