WritingEssayEast.com Review

WritingEssayEast.com Review










  • Grammar mistakes
  • Low-quality papers
  • Executed by deadline

This is a writing Services Company aimed at students from all around the world, but are their services truly good?

Reputation & Popularity – 3.7/10

It did not take us too long to understand that WritingEssayEast.com is not a reliable company. They feature plenty of spelling mistakes right on the main webpage. Therefore, how could they provide you with error-free, unique and quality papers? They feature a few testimonials on the website which are obviously faked. When we checked the real testimonials outside the website, we could see how unhappy clients were with their choice.

Price & Quality – 2.5 / 10

Prices charged are incredibly high, and they are not fit for the budget of a student. They advertise prices that are “affordable” but we saw the exact opposite. We also placed an order to check out the quality, and we were unpleasantly surprised. The essay was filled with mistakes, and the sentences did not even have any meaning. We could immediately tell this essay was written by someone whose native language is not English. We actually gave this essay a very poor grade.

Support and Delivery- 3.1 / 10

Customer support is really the heart of any business. We tried to contact them about the prices charged and some extra details. However, we simply could not reach them on the phone, even though we tried 4 times that day. The instant chat option worked mostly like sending an email, so you will not talk “live” to anyone.

They delivered our paper one week later than the required deadline. Respecting deadlines is extremely important because as a student you must hand in your assignment the exact day you are told by your teacher. There are just too many aspects we did not like about this company, so we do not recommend them.

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